2020 June 27 Minutes

David Udall, Dan Packard, Gunn McKay, Jody Menzel, David Palmer, Megan Carey, Kathy Palmer, Ivard Brimley, Michael Kielsky, Mark Stambaugh, Kris Kircher


**Copy of Minute Entries—Gun McKay moves to approve the minute entries from last meeting.    There was no opposition to this. 

**Jody M.—Thinks we should have an irrigation committee (in addition the trustees) to help with additional duties for the water district. 

**Confirmed Megan Carey as the secretary.  

**Discussion around budget—David Palmer.  Whatever we approve from the Budget, it will be divided up on our property taxes.    $5577—is what is in the back account.  On July 1st it will move over to the county.    Then we can start to write checks.  Discussion around doing a delinquency of 15 percent if people don’t pay for the taxes right away.  Will get half the money in September or October.  The other half will be in around February.    May need to use some of the money before it actually comes in.  County suggested we build a reserve account.  We anticipate major repairs in the future as the pipes are 60 years old at this point.  There are 244 lots in our District.  There was a question about how much people will pay into the account by their taxes.   It will be divided up by acreage of each lot—larger lots will pay more.    Dave asked about the reserve account.  $7900 reserve—projected amount.   David—asked if we should not do more in our account for the year.  David P. had sent this budget to Maureen who looks like all the budgets for the districts.  She thought this was a good budget for a first-year district.  Jody says that we can issue a bond if we need to if we are short one year.  David P. thinks this is a good starting point because this is what we told everyone we were going to do.  But want to start looking for the larger reserve next year for big repairs. 

**Website Status—Jody.  It is not finished yet.  Can use any help if anyone wants to volunteer.  Jody will reach out to those who had volunteered in the past to help. 

**Bylaws—Move to allow members to look at the Bylaws.  Encourage to get neighborhoods’ emails to get everyone involved.  Gunn doesn’t have objection.  David Palmer moved to submit them.  Move forward.  No one opposed them.

**Status of Memorial Plaque—Dave Udall—They were able to present the plaque back in November 2019.    

**Status of Training Videos by Gordon Jennings—Gordon is not present at the meeting today.  David Palmer will take the assignment to talk with Gordon about it.  Would like to put it on the website.  Discussion around helping people learn how to take the irrigation—help each remember to take them.  Also help others remember that it important to take their water if they sign up for it.    

**SRP sign up board—they are going to be taking away the sign-up boards.  They are taking away the schedules as of April.  Most people are signed up electronically.   Jody started the discussion around asking SRP to keep the board up and use it as a neighborhood place to post things about irrigation.  Gunn felt that they were going to take them down regardless.  Open for discussion. 

**Anyone wants to bring up:

**David Udall—Arizona Waterblue Print—ASU—brought together all of the Arizona water systems.  Can find out everything about the water systems in Arizona.  We have 40% more than we need.  Arizona Water blueprint.   Lots of good information. 

Kris K—Asked if SRP was reducing the amount of water to our property?  Thinks it is a water conservation practice.   Gunn talk to SRP—we know how to make the measurements.  Jody says that SRP has given us more in the past (with extra rainfall) and so then when they give us the right amount, people think they are getting less.  Michael K—trying to get back on the schedule.   Can the Trustees take up as a matter?  Can they take it up with SRP?   Jody says that there is something that we can look at.   Another person which is not on the SRP but they are in the district that can’t get on the schedule?  Jodi will talk to him more outside of the meeting.  Michael can get the water but can’t get SRP to add to the schedule.