2021 June 19 Minutes

People in Attendance

 David Palmer

Gunn McKay

Jody M.

Tanya Collins (via zoom)

Megan Carey (via zoom) 

James Bowles

Michael L

Carl Jensen

Kris Kircher

Kathy Palmer

David Udall

  1. Call to order by Chair—roll call—approve minutes from last meeting.
    • Approved the minute entries.  
  2. Trustee Elections—likely to cancel elections due to lack of candidates.
    • Even if we are going to cancel it, we have to call an election.  See attached in from the email.  Jody called the motion to call the election.  Gunn second the motion.  No one opposed the call.  Instructions to either hold and/or cancel the meeting.  Discussion on where to post the information on the election.  Post to one irrigation structure on Westwood on 9th Place and 10th Street. 
  3. Review financial status of district and approve FY 2022 budget*.
    • All of the information went out on the email about the financial status.  Budget different this year than next year because we were under the “old budget” for the first couple of months.  Now the money is being handled by Maricopa County.   Will have a reserve for $14,000.  But repairs with some of the pipes will be pricey when it comes time to do it.  David suggested thinking about increasing the reserve next year for when the reserves come up.  If necessary for repairs, we can borrow money and then pay it back through our levies.  Clarification about how the county holds are funds—no one has access to the funding except our District.  The County does not take any fees for doing this.  Jody will later send out itemize list of how the money is being submitted.  Jody moved to submit the budget.  David second the motion.  No opposition from the members in attendance. 
  4. Review and approve proposed bylaws*.
    • Review and discussion of the bylaws.  Jody proposed to accept the bylaws as written.  Gunn second the motion.  No opposition to approve the bylaws. 
  5. Review website status and next steps for website functionality.
    • Our website address is cceiwater.com but it was not functional at the time this letter was mailed.
    • Discussion on how to get the website up and running.   There are people in the neighborhood that are able to help getting the website up and going.  Proposal to get one person to do the work and then the rest of the people can review it.  Motion to have James be in charge of the website.  No opposition to the motion. 
  6. Review status of Annual Report (as required per A.R.S. §48-251).
    • Discussion around the Annual Report.  We have until February to do it.  Can work on the website to get the annual report
  7. “Call to the public” discussion items from past meeting(s).
    • There is someone outside of our district that SRP is saying that is in the district.  They are able to use our water but is not showing in our district for payment.
    • Discussion around the secretary position.  Megan will stay on.  The minute entries will be sent to Jody who will ensure they are posted within 3 days.
  8. Call to the public: agenda items for next meeting**.
    • Motion to close meeting—Meeting is adjourned at 11am.