2022 June 25 Agenda

Country Club Estates Irrigation Water Delivery District No. 72

MEETING AT 10:00 AM, SATURDAY, JUNE 25, 2022 at

Mesa Public Library Conference Room 64 East 1st Street, Mesa AZ, 85201

  1. Call to order—roll call—approve minutes from last meeting.**
  2. Website status and next steps for website.
    • Our website address is cceiwater.com
  3. 802 W 8TH ST progress report (no progress–should be within CCE IWDD).
  4. Review financial status of district and approve FY 2023 budget.
  5. Status of Annual Report (not due until February 2023).
  6. Resignation of Trustee/Chair Gunn McKay, next steps?
  7. Call to the public: agenda items for next meeting***.

* Accommodations for individuals with special needs, to the extent possible, can be arranged by contacting Jody Menzel prior to the meeting date.

**All documents are available at our website http://cceiwater.com/.

For additional information contact Trustee Jody Menzel via phone or text message at

(480) 833-5933 or e-mail at ccei irrigation@cox.net.

***Call to the public: the Board can only discuss items on the agenda, so this is the Public’s opportunity to propose items for the next public meeting.