2022 June 25 Minutes

Meeting minutes pending approval by the Board (note: final June 25, 2022 meeting minutes will be approved at our next meeting).
The Annual meeting of the Country Club Estates Irrigation Water Delivery District No. 72 met at 10 AM Saturday, June 25, 2022 in the Mesa Public Library Board Room at 64 E. 1st St., Mesa Arizona.
Trustee Jody Menzel called the meeting to order at approximately 10:10 AM. Jody had set up a remote attendance option in advance of the meeting, but due to technical issues, the Trustees decided to start the meeting without the remote attendees, rather than delay the Call to Order any further. (Jody later found out that at least two potential attendees were unable to attend because of the absence of the remote attendance option, Tanya Collins and Jay Gonzales.)
Following the Call to Order, roll call was taken and new Trustee Dave Richins, who has volunteered to replace former Trustee Gunn McKay, was introduced. Attendees were Trustee Jody Menzel, Trustee David Palmer, Trustee Dave Richins (who three together constitute a quorum), Bruno Schabarum, Mark Stambaugh, Karina Aguiluz, Juan Santiago, Michael Kielsky, Gary Wright, Gordon Jennings, Brant Layton, and Melinda Layton. Trustee Jody Menzel reminded attendees that only Trustee votes count toward passing motions, according to our bylaws and the Arizona Revised Statutes.
There was a brief discussion reporting that Gunn McKay had resigned from the Board and that Dave Richins would be replacing him as a Trustee, effective immediately. Since ex-Trustee Gunn McKay had served both as Board Chair and as unofficial Board Secretary, a motion to appoint Trustee Jody Menzel as Board Chair and Board Secretary, in Gunn McKay’s stead, passed by a unanimous vote of the Trustees, and Jody served as moderator.
David Palmer briefly reviewed the meetings of the last Annual Meeting and a motion to approve the minutes from the last meeting passed by a unanimous vote of the Trustees.
OLD BUSINESS: Jody gave a report about the website, that it was up and running although it has imperfections that will be addressed in the future. Michael Kielsky said the website “looks awesome” and was especially impressed by the interactive maps, although he said the site should have a subscription button so that website visitors could sign up for email notifications. Jody reported that James Bowles is working with him to add this function and otherwise improve the website, but James Bowles has limited time to devote to the website so patience is in order. Jody was granted ”carte blanche” discretion regarding the website in a past Annual Meeting.
There was a discussion about the property at 802 W 9th Pl. Currently the property is outside the CCE IWDD boundaries, but within the boundaries defined by SRP as eligible to receive water through our SRP gate. For the sake of fairness, the property should be within the CCE IWDD boundaries and it should be subject to the CCE IWDD levy, but the property was omitted at the time of taxation district formation, because the (future) Trustees were not aware that the owner could receive water through our system. Trustee Jody Menzel has made some inquiries about what it would take to include the property within the CEE IWDD boundaries but, so far, hasn’t brought the issue to a conclusion, which is why it remains on our agenda. Michael Kielsky was concerned that if we add the property to CCE IWDD, we will be responsible for all the irrigation structures of the homeowner. Jody stated that CCE IWDD would only be responsible for the existing delivery structure serving that portion of the owner’s property within the boundaries defined by SRP as within our delivery area, per our bylaws. Jody will continue efforts to include the property in CCE IWDD. Jody reminded attendees that per our bylaws, CCE IWDD will pay for repairs up to and including the irrigation valve, not excluding the valve gasket.
NEW BUSINESS: Jody pointed out that both the Annual Report and the Open Meetings Law require that CCE IWDD announce where its meeting notifications are posted, at both a physical location and on a website, if one exists. Up until now, we were among the majority of IWDDs that don’t have a website, so we’ve sent notifications via USPS to fill that gap. Jody suggested that we use the abandoned SRP announcement board as the physical location and our website as the other location, following the example of Evergreen IWDD (www.evergreenmesa.com). A motion to use the abandoned SRP announcement board, along with our website, as our official meeting announcement locations was passed unanimously by the Board.
Dave Richins recommended that we continue to send meeting announcements and other required announcements, like Calls for Elections, via USPS because USPS mailings are more effective than physical and website postings in informing those concerned. Ultimately the Board agreed with Dave that it is within our budget to continue sending announcements via USPS, but no motion was put forth or passed. Nevertheless, the consensus is that CCE IWDD will continue to send announcements via USPS, and will likely contract out the mailing duties because Jody, for one, doesn’t want to spend another whole day stuffing 230+ envelopes (Karina Aguilez said she’s willing to help stuff envelopes, but that shouldn’t be necessary in the future).
There was a discussion about the Blue Stake (aka AZ811) laws and how that affects us. It’s not a substantial expenditure, only around $30 this year, but Jody will look into the cost and make sure we’re being treated fair.
There was a discussion regarding gate structures and the SRP scheduling sequence. Jody proposed that the standpipes between 9th Place and 10th Street west of Westwood should be removed, rather than repaired, if they break down in the future. Brant Layton said the structures still serve a function, so the proposal was dropped without any motions.
Jody also proposed changing the gate sequence of the standpipe on Westwood between 9th Place and 10th Street. The current sequence often results in someone having to open a gate in a flooded standpipe where both gates are closed. Jody proposed that instead of the ditch sequence continuing east across Westwood after the properties west of Westwood between 9th Place and 10th Street have finished, the sequence should continue south to Brant Layton’s property and all the other properties between 9th Street and 9th Place. After all the properties west of Westwood have received their water, the properties between 9th Place and 10th Street east of Westwood would be next (one of the attendees suggested that we should include a map of our neighborhood in future meetings to geographically clarify what we’re talking about). Brant Layton was opposed to the change, but Melinda Layton agreed with Jody that it was a good idea. Jody said he will go ahead with the proposal, since it’s not irreversible if it turns out to be worse than the status quo. Jody believes the change is allowed by our bylaws because opening gates in flooded standpipes is hard on the gates and is thus a maintenance issue. Jody will circulate a description of the proposal before requesting that SRP change the sequence.
The people in attendance were given the financial history information and the budget for Fiscal Year 2023. This information showed that the levy assessment for the next year will be $13,800. This represents a decrease from the amount requested last year, which itself represented a decrease from the year before that. Nevertheless, our projected balance shows a steady increase, which is necessary because we need a substantial balance in case of costly emergency repairs to our aging system. The motion to approve the budget passed unanimously.
Brant Layton reported that he is getting less water than he has been getting historically. Other attendees suggested that this may be due to debris in the line. Jody suggested that CCE IWDD should hydro-jet all the pipes that feed Brant Layton’s property, if they haven’t been hydro-jetted recently. No motions were passed, but the Trustees recognize our responsibility to clean the system pipes when they appear to be constricted, and we will take action on this particular issue in the near future. The Board will consider incorporating wording into our bylaws to reflect the necessity of regularly cleaning our pipelines.
Karina Aguiluz said she was in attendance because she wasn’t sure whom to ask when she had questions about our system. Other attendees steered her toward her neighbor, Brant Layton, who was an attendee and is also a long-time and experienced user of residential SRP water. The Trustees are also a good source of information and advice (we hope), but we encourage SRP residential water users to acquaint themselves with their neighbors, for reasons including and going beyond mutual CCE IWDD shareholder status.
Gordon Jennings expressed concerns that CCE IWDD shares at least some responsibility in keeping our standpipes accessible and free from hazards. The Board recognizes his concerns, and will incorporate into our bylaws language that makes explicit our commitment to clear the area surrounding our standpipes on a regular basis so that they are clear of overgrowth and trash. Furthermore, we will contract to an outside party if necessary to ensure that the standpipes are accessible and hazard-free, at an interval of at least annually. Unfortunately there is little that the Board can do to prevent people—homeless or otherwise—from using our standpipe niches as temporary hangouts, sleeping places, or even latrines.
There were no further items and this meeting was adjourned around 11:30 PM.

NOTE: In the absence of Megan Carey, who usually takes minutes, David Palmer took the meeting minutes and then emailed them to Jody, who made extensive changes and is responsible for the fussy wordiness of this document.