2023 June 24 Agenda

Country Club Estates Irrigation Water Delivery District No. 72

MEETING AT 10:00 AM, SATURDAY, JUNE 24, 2023 at

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, 848 N. Westwood, Mesa AZ, 85201

  1. Call to order by Chair—roll call—approve minutes from last meeting.**
  2. Review financial status of district and approve FY 2024 budget.**
  3. Trustee Elections—Call for Elections—N.B. elections will be cancelled if
    there are no candidates other than the incumbents.
  4. Trustee David Palmer leave of absence Oct 2023-Oct 2024—Options
    4.1. If there are no candidates other than the incumbents for Trustee:
    4.1.1. Maintain David Palmer as Trustee and carry on business as
    usual in his absence until he returns to his duties.
    4.1.2. Appoint a replacement Trustee to the position for the
    remainder of David Palmer’s term of office.
    4.2. If there are candidates for the office of Trustee:
    4.2.1 Appoint a candidate to the position without an election.
    4.2.2 Run a competitive election.
  5. Website status and next steps for website cceiwater.com.
  6. 802 W 8TH ST progress report (should be within CCE IWDD).
  7. CCE IWDD needs more involvement from members other than Trustees.
  8. Call to the public: agenda items for next meeting.***

* Accommodations for individuals with special needs, to the extent possible, can be arranged by contacting Jody Menzel prior to the meeting date.

**All documents are available at our website http://cceiwater.com/.

For additional information contact Trustee Jody Menzel via phone or text message at

(480) 833-5933 or e-mail at ccei irrigation@cox.net.

***Call to the public: the Board can only discuss items on the agenda, so this is the Public’s opportunity to propose items for the next public meeting.