Gunn McKay

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Jody Menzel

Information (480) 833-5933

David Palmer


Volunteers Wanted

The Country Club Irrigation Committee always welcomes new volunteers! 

Volunteering to help maintain our local system is relatively undemanding compared to other volunteer positions.  It seldom requires more than an hour or two every other month or so.

It helps your employment position!  Most employers look for volunteer activity on résumés.  Also, it’s a great way to find civic-minded colleagues involved with their community to add to your list of references.

It’s a good way for persons new to our neighborhood to get to know your neighbors, and for those who have lived here awhile to contribute toward making our great neighborhood even better.

The more volunteers we have, the less any single person will have to do. In the past, we’ve had situations where too few volunteers tend to lose their enthusiasm until ultimately just two or three people end up doing most the work.  Please demonstrate your civic spirit and help us out!