The infrastructure of the Country Club Estates Irrigation system consists of about 2.7 miles of underground pipes that extend from the Salt River Project delivery structure on 10th Street to all properties within the CCEI boundaries that are eligible to receive irrigation. The pipes and associated structures are mostly are made of concrete. Their construction dates to the 1950s, although some (relatively short) stretches have been replaced with ABS plastic pipe over the years, in response to leaks.

The underground pipes cross beneath city streets 15 times (repairing leaks at these locations represents an expensive challenge) and water flow is controlled by 25 industry-standard gates in 15 standpipes, as well as a dozen tailor-made gates on the south side of 9th Place west of Westwood. The latter are within a half-dozen street-level structures that past CCE IWDD Trustee Dan Jarvis called “water boxes”.

Salt River Project defines its gate on 10th Street as “Canal, Lateral, Gate: 3-032-1700” and the area served by that gate (which this website calls “Country Club Estates Irrigation”) as “COUNTRY CLUB VILL WDD.” Nomenclature aside, there are over 240 individual properties within the 63-acre CCEI service area, of which about 160 properties regularly take SRP irrigation.

We encourage all CCEI users to fully understand their own local delivery system, particularly where the standpipes are and which gates should be open and which should be closed when you are scheduled to receive water.

Please be sure you know what you’re doing before you attempt to manipulate the standpipe gates!  If you are uncomfortable operating the gates, please call one of the committee members listed below before doing anything.

WARNING: it is entirely possible and remarkably easy to cause flooding and/or deprive entire neighborhood BLOCKS of their irrigation if you don’t know exactly what you’re doing.

Please see the Maps for a detailed map of the gates that need to be open or closed, specific to your property, or you can contact Jody Menzel for a printed copy.

Salt River Project itself very occasionally fails to deliver water when they are supposed to, so you should know where the SRP gate is (south side of 10th Street, across from the alley behind Palmer) and be able to tell for yourself if SRP is delivering sufficient water into our system.  The SRP gate is the only gate in our system that is kept locked.